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Legend Of Taxila...

In 1905, the Horana Buddhist English school was established under the programme of opening of Buddhist schools, launched by the Ceylon Buddhist Theosophists and Col. Henry Steel Olcott. The school was established on a small plot of land provided by Sathis Wimalasekara.
The school was relocated to a plot of land donated by philanthropist Arthur V. Dias during the 1930s. The Horana Buddhist English School was renamed as the Taxila Buddhist English School, following a proposal by W. K. S. Fonseka, a teacher at the school and endorsed by then principal W. F. Sirisena.
As a result of the educational reforms proposed by the C. W. W. Kannangara committee in 1943, 54 central colleges were established throughout the country. Moreover, a demand arose that the government take over Taxila Buddhist English school and make it a central college.
Under the patronage of the Minister of Education, C. W. W. Kannangara, on 6 June 1946, Taxila Buddhist English school was converted into Taxila Central College.
The first principal was Thomas Newton Silva. The school shifted to the present venue in 1954. After the shift of venue Taxila Central College became an above grade six school, leaving the primary section at the old venue as a different school. The shift occurred while Edmund Dias was the principal.
Principal E. D. K. Abeysekara was appointed in 1958 and recorded the longest tenure as principal, except for that of H. K. A. Abhayapala. A hostel was established gathering 200 students, and physical resources were developed during this period. Electricity and water facilities were included among the major facilities.
Science scholars were admitted during this era. In 1958 the school got laboratory facilities and the science classes for ordinary level examination were initiated in 1960. In 1961 Taxila initiated the Advanced Level Science Section.

School Vision

" විශිෂ්ඨත්වය තුලින් ගුණාත්මක හා ස්ථිරසාර පැවතුම් වලින්යුත් දරු පරපුරක් "

School Mission

"නව්‍යකරණය වන ලෝකය තුළ දේශීය අනන්‍යතාවය හදුනාගත් සහජීවනයෙන් කටයුතු කරන සාමකාමී, විනයගරුක, උගත්, බුද්ධිමත්, නිර්මාණශීලි සිසු පරපුරක් දායාද කිරීම."

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